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what's up it's me your local kento nogami apologist

i decided to delete most of my current gallery, minus the yearly meme things, trish, and cly (because you cant delete her out of your life it's impossible). i'm planning on deleting my tumblr and pixiv works as well, as well as my old journal posts. if i can, i want to change my username to my new handle, psiki. though, in the first place, i'm not a huge fan of the name... i'd like something cool, like o-turn or bnjgm... if you can think of something that sounds cool, please tell me.

speaking of bnjgm, they're the artist who inspires me the most in terms of style right now. it seems a common thing to do in pixiv is to post sketches daily on twitter or another fast posting site, then post them in an album on pixiv. i'd like to do that, but how do you even get an audience on twitter?

i really need to practice drawing men. it's fun to draw cute girls, though.

edit: i read my post from last year. it said i would improve in ten months, be better than oda, be better than yuri, be better than mery. none of that happened. i'm not sure what happened. what did i do in those ten months between september and my birthday? my tablet wire got fixed in december, i got into jjba, i drew, improved, tablet wire broke again. i feel life when dead since april, i haven't done anything important since then. that was when i got into love live again...

and i never drew yuma kuga in all those ten months, even though i said i definitely would. i said i was going hundreds of drawings of him, but i haven't touched a copy of world trigger since then. but i'll try my best, okay? to draw as many pictures of him as i can!

also i still love cly.


  • Listening to: dead or lie
  • Reading: detective conan
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  • Eating: rice + grilled fish